Intellectual Property



Our team of Patent Attorneys and Technologists provides for the following services in the fields of A) Chemistry and Materials, B) IT and Software, C) Electrical, Electronics and Communications, D) Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical Devices, E) Mechanical and Automobiles, and F) Renewable Energy and Emerging Technologies:

• Patentability Analysis;
• Drafting and Prosecution of Patent applications;
• Worldwide patent portfolio management; and
• Patent Analytics services including technology landscaping, claim charting, validation/invalidation studies, and infringement studies.

Trade Marks

Trade  Marks

The Trade Marks team has prosecuted over 8000 trademarks. We provide services in:

• Search & opinion;
• Prosecution;
• Renewals and worldwide Trademark portfolio Management;
• Cancellation / Rectification Actions; and
• Assignments, licenses & other similar agreements & their recordals.



Our Design team provides for speedy and high quality design protection by preparing and prosecuting design applications with the clear understanding of registrable designs in India. We also prepare Design illustrations. Also, we provide for state of the art Design analytics and Design infringement studies.



We frequently advice and handle Copyright infringement related disputes. We also secure copyright registration for all works, including artistic works, literary works, computer programmes and other works. We also assist in procuring domain name registrations for clients including .com and

IP Transaction & Advisory

IP  Transaction &  Advisory

We have immense experience in transactional IP and advisory relating to Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyrights. We are adept at all stages of a transaction including due diligence, drafting and negotiating contracts, and the subsequent recordal of the final transfers across industries. Moreover, we regularly advise clients in cross-border transactions, involving intellectual properties in multiple jurisdictions with our network of IP professionals from around the globe. We regularly draft IP Agreements – know-how, software (MSA, Source Code Agreement and/or software licensing agreement), Patent and Trade Mark assignment / licensing, cross licensing and other similar intellectual property agreements in all industries. We have advised several industry leaders in relation to the trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information; privacy laws and other data protection related matters.

IP Litigation

IP  Litigation

Our team members have extensive experience in handling multi-jurisdictional as well as trans-border international litigations involving intellectual property relating to patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, or Design infringements as well as royalty-based IP contracts. We also have the capability and experience in suit involving disparagement and/or defamation.